The Federal Reserve’s new real-time payment rail. Instant, transparent, and available 24/7/365.

Why FedNow

Best of both worlds

FedNow is faster than Wire, configurable like ACH.

Faster than Wire, and more affordable, too.

Send or request funds. FedNow does both.

API request to settlement in under a second.

Settle any time, any day. What Bank holiday?

Why Column

Fed at the speed of Now

With a direct connection to the Federal Reserve, Column offers the full potential of FedNow's capabilities.

Create a FedNow transfer

curl 'https://api.column.com/transfers/fednow' \
    -u :prod_1vWeqakwT2N7NYRtZkUPSBt4scn \
    -d counterparty_id=cpty_1vWeqakwT2N7NYRtZkUPSBt4scn \
    -d bank_account_id=bacc_1vWeqakwT2N7NYRtZkUPSBt4scn \
    -d amount=2241 \
    -d type=SEND \
    -d currency_code=USD \
    -d description="Lunch"

Programmatically send and request FedNow transfers with one API call.

Funds are transferred in real-time to any FedNow enabled bank account.

Transmit and receive payments at the speed of FedNow via our APIs.

Use Cases

Game changing possibilities

Endless opportunity to improve the payments experience.

Accounts Payable

Immediately pay invoices to avoid penalties, or pay last minute to manage working capital.

Accounts Receivable

Request instant payment for services with no risk of returns.


Pay your employees in real time or facilitate other non-recurring disbursements.

Digital Wallets

Fund in and cash out of virtual wallets instantly.

Cash Management

Treasury management done right. Move your money when you need to. Instantly.

P2P Payments

Instantly send and receive money across banks to friends, family, and acquaintances.

Infrastructure products built for
developers in the lightest format possible