Debt Financing

Fund loans
with bank capital

Grow your lending program more efficiently with Column capital, whether you are at scale or on your way.

Start building

Utilize bank credit to free up your equity capital


The Column team has worked at the world's largest banks and investment firms, underwriting and funding billions of dollars of loans to fintech lenders.


No more trading excel spreadsheets over email. We'll work with you to build out integrated reporting, allowing you to save time and money managing your finances.


As your business grows, your needs may change. Financing with Column means your loan can evolve with your business.

Speed to market

We will not waste your time with a lengthy and opaque process. We understand the requirements and upfront needs necessary to close quickly.

Fund same-day

Reduce working capital needs with integrations that can enable you to fund as frequently as same day.


With straightforward fees, simplified structures, and shorter credit agreements to avoid confusion, debt from Column is a help, not a hindrance.

Day 1 Line

We can support your very first loan. Get a commitment within days to launch your lending program. No exorbitant interest rates, hidden fees, or complex legal jargon.

What is Day 1 line?

  • Committed funding in days

  • Lower upfront fees

  • Clear terms

  • Draw only what you need

  • Minimal financial covenants for maximum freedom

Who is a Day 1 line for?

  • Companies that have just started originating and are building a credit program

  • Companies that don't have a long track record originating

  • Want to close financing on a compressed timeline

  • Small teams looking for minimal operational overhead

Warehouse Financing

Set up a scalable lending facility with competitive and flexible terms to free up capital and accelerate your originations growth.

What is Warehouse Financing?

  • Committed funding

  • Typically non-recourse financing

  • Competitive interest rates and fees

  • Draw only what you need

  • Custom terms based on deep understanding of your portfolio, business, and financing goals

Who is a Warehouse Financing for?

  • Have an established track record and a meaningful outstanding portfolio balance

  • Stable historical performance

  • Focused on optimizing your capital structure

We know the ecosystem very well and Column provides the speed, flexible account model and API-first approach that no one else can. These aspects are essential to building certain products that power our customers’ growth.
Henrique DubugrasCo-Founder and Co-CEO, Brex

Infrastructure products built for
developers in the lightest format possible

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Unmatched access to money movement, bank accounts, card networks, and bank capital. You're in the driver's seat to build your own products, on your terms, without layers in between.