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When you own both accounts at Column, transfers are real-time every second of the day.

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  "id": "string",
  "created_at": "2021-11-29T20:18:34.844Z",
  "updated_at": "2021-11-29T20:18:34.844Z",
  "idempotency_key": "string",
  "sender_bank_account_id": "string",
  "sender_account_number_id": "string",
  "receiver_bank_account_id": "string",
  "receiver_account_number_id": "string",
  "amount": int64,
  "currency_code": "string",
  "description": "string",
  "status": "NONE",
  "allow_overdraft": true,
  "details": {}

Funds sent

Jan 27, 2022 8:35:32AM


Transfer to Alex

Funds receieved

Jan 27, 2022 8:35:32AM


Transfer from John

Complex payment workflows simplified

With instant bank account creation and book transfers, you can create complex payment and settlement flows with just a couple of API calls.

Create a book transfer

curl '' \
    -XPOST \
    -u :<YOUR API KEY> \
    -d amount="10000" \
    -d currency_code=USD \
    -d sender_bank_account_id="<bank_account_id>" \
    -d receiver_bank_account_id="<bank_account_id>"

Always available

Book transfers can happen 24/7, every day of the year when both accounts are at Column

Optimize your
customer experience

Through use cases like overdraft and real-time ledgering, our instant transfers ensure you provide a superior customer experience while simplifying reconciliation.

List all book transfers

curl '' \
      -u :<YOUR API KEY>
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Henrique DubugrasCo-Founder and Co-CEO, Brex

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