International Wires

Global Transfers via the Swift Network

Send money to over 180 countries in a single API call — with full transparency.

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Facilitate payments internationally

Leverage Column's infrastructure to help your customers send funds abroad — all via API and easily reconciled with Column's ledger.

International Vendor and Supplier Payments

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Cross-border Remittance

Initiate the international wire transfer

curl '' \
 -u :<YOUR API KEY> \
 -d description="Example wire transfer" \
 -d message_to_beneficiary_bank="please contact with the beneficiary before releasing the funds" \
 -d currency_code=CNY \
 -d amount=10000 \
 -d bank_account_id="<bank_account_id>" \
 -d counterparty_id="<counterparty_id>"


Programmatically send international wire transfers with one API call.


See your FX rate before you send a transfer.

Transfer funds to over 180 countries through the Swift network

Direct access

Access countries across the globe with a direct Swift connection.

Connect globally

Expand into various markets and connect to 11,000+ financial institutions worldwide.


Send funds in over 135+ global currencies, around the clock.

We know the ecosystem very well and Column provides the speed, flexible account model and API-first approach that no one else can. These aspects are essential to building certain products that power our customers’ growth.
Henrique DubugrasCo-Founder and Co-CEO, Brex

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