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Originate ACH credits and debits with a single API request. Utilize all six settlement windows, configure every NACHA option and control every step.

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Personal checking - 2919


January 26, 2023 - 10:20 AM


January 26, 2023 - 12:03 PM


January 26, 2023 - 1:14 PM


January 26, 2023 - 3:46 PM


July 26, 2021 - 3:46 PM

  "id": "acht_2HKbYE2th2sFioBxrRFOZL3IHR4",
  "iat": null,
  "type": "CREDIT",
  "amount": 100000,
  "status": "SUBMITTED",
  "is_on_us": false,
  "same_day": false,
  "company_id": "9959349647",
  "created_at": "2022-11-09T23:32:47Z",
  "settled_at": null,
  "updated_at": "2022-11-09T23:32:48Z",
  "description": "",
  "is_incoming": false,
  "receiver_id": "",
  "returned_at": null,
  "cancelled_at": null,
  "company_name": "COLUMN NA",
  "completed_at": null,
  "effective_on": "2022-11-10T08:00:00Z",
  "initiated_at": "2022-11-09T23:32:47Z",
  "nsf_deadline": null,
  "submitted_at": "2022-11-09T23:32:48Z",
  "trace_number": "121145300000005",
  "currency_code": "USD",
  "receiver_name": "CHASE ACCOUNT",
  "return_details": [],
  "acknowledged_at": null,
  "allow_overdraft": false,
  "bank_account_id": "bacc_2HKbY4W10hcBQBx5r42xMDEhv2K",
  "counterparty_id": "cpty_2HKbYBePtS8z3zK32QvwKlIoIeK",
  "idempotency_key": "",
  "entry_class_code": "PPD",
  "manual_review_at": null,
  "account_number_id": "acno_2HKbY3eq0gPP1WaQLZShDk87JC4",
  "funds_availability": "default",
  "odfi_routing_number": "121145307",
  "return_contested_at": null,
  "payment_related_info": "payment addenda for COR testing",
  "return_dishonored_at": null,
  "notification_of_changes": null,
  "company_entry_description": "PAYMENT",
  "reversal_pair_transfer_id": "",
  "company_discretionary_data": ""

Unparalleled ACH flexibility

ACH has a reputation for taking too long. At Column, we optimize for the fastest ACH transfers possible — often in a matter of hours.

Unlike legacy banks and middleware providers, we have a direct connection to the Federal Reserve to facilitate the quickest and most transparent transfers.

Create an ACH transfer

curl '' \
    -u :prod_1vWeqakwT2N7NYRtZkUPSBt4scn \
    -d counterparty_id=cpty_1vWeqakwT2N7NYRtZkUPSBt4scn \
    -d bank_account_id=bacc_1vWeqakwT2N7NYRtZkUPSBt4scn \
    -d amount=241 \
    -d type=DEBIT \
    -d currency_code=USD \
    -d description="Recurring bill"

Control every field in the NACHA spec and send payments under any SEC code.

Receive webhooks throughout ACH settlement to keep systems up to date at every stage of the process.

Be at the helm of
returns and disputes

Programmatically control returns through either our API or dashboard. Returns need to be viewed from two perspectives - one as the ODFI and the other as the RDFI.

RDFI - Create ACH return

curl '' \
    -d return_code="R08"

Initiate any NACHA return code via our API.

ODFI - Receive webhooks on ACH returns

  "id": "evnt_1vEdMiZ5pmkmrKZfNZ8LeqF2KFP",
  "created_at": "2021-07-12T23:05:36Z",
  "data": {
    "id": "acht_1vEdMiRjQWQYqRqaOppMfU7BWr1",
    "return_code": "R08",
    ... // details of an ACH return object

Receive webhooks on any incoming returns and dispute programatically.

Get ACH return

curl ''
We know the ecosystem very well and Column provides the speed, flexible account model and API-first approach that no one else can. These aspects are essential to building certain products that power our customers’ growth.
Henrique DubugrasCo-Founder and Co-CEO, Brex

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