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Spin up programmable and scalable FDIC insured bank accounts for your customers in one API call. All from our robust, easy to use developer platform.

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Bank Account
House fund

Savings - 2919


Available balance


Created January, 23 2022

  "id": "string",
  "description": "House fund",
  "owners": ["string"],
  "default_account_number_id": "string",
  "default_account_number": "string",
  "default_routing_number": "string",
  "available_balance": {
    "currency_code": "USD",
    "cents": "6270332"
  },  "pending_balance": {
    "currency_code": "string",
    "cents": "string"
  },  "locked_balance": {
    "currency_code": "string",
    "cents": "string"
  },  "holding_balance": {
    "currency_code": "string",
    "cents": "string"
  },  "created_at": "2021-11-29T16:32:11.806Z",
  "type": "UNKNOWN",
  "is_overdraftable": false,
  "overdraft_reserve_account_id": "string"

Built for scale

From one to billions of dollars in deposits, nothing is too small or large for us. We support FBO, sweep, clearing and custom account types — all FDIC insured.

Create a bank account

curl '' \
     -XPOST \
     -u :<YOUR API KEY> \
     -d description="Travel Checking" \
     -d entity_id="<entity_id>"

All accounts are
insured by the FDIC

Dynamic account numbers

Gone are the days of having a single, static account number map to a single account. Create account numbers that point to a single bank account and create specific permissions and limits for each one.

Create a bank account

curl '<bank_account_id>/account-numbers' \
    -XPOST \
    -u :<YOUR API KEY> \
    -d description="Travel Checking Account Number"

Accounts designed
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Move money with the flexibility of a checking or savings account, or open and manage funds on behalf of your customers. Column provides the tools to help you build new financial services.

Demand Deposit Accounts

Easy access to funds. Make deposits and withdrawals whenever the FED is open. Always comes with FDIC insurance up to $250,000.

Protected Accounts

FDIC insurance up to $150,000,000. Yep, that's 9 digits. Build on top of industry leading account protection and offer your customers unparalleled peace of mind.

FBO Accounts

Open accounts on behalf of others. Our "for the benefit of" accounts leverage virtual sub-accounts to offer even more flexibility in what you build.

We know the ecosystem very well and Column provides the speed, flexible account model and API-first approach that no one else can. These aspects are essential to building certain products that power our customers’ growth.
Henrique DubugrasCo-Founder and Co-CEO, Brex

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