Wire Drawdown Requests

Financial institutions can send official instructions to Column requesting Column send an outgoing wire according to set instructions. Column refers to this request as a "wire drawdown request." Other institutions may refer to this process as sending a "reverse wire." Wire drawdowns are used for common use cases such as payroll processing and network settlement for card programs.

Wire Drawdown Workflow

Wire drawdowns have a workflow with two distinct legs.

  1. A financial institution will send a wire drawdown request to Column. This request contains information to help Column customers approve or ignore the request, including: requested amount, the Column bank account from which funds will be sent, and the external account to which Column will send funds upon request approval.
  2. The wire drawdown request can be approved via our API or simply ignored. If the wire drawdown request is approved, Column will initiate an outgoing wire in accordance with the instructions specified in the incoming request. If ignored, nothing will happen.

Responding to a Drawdown Request

When Column receives a wire drawdown request for a bank account on your platform, we will emit a webhook for wire.incoming_drawdown_request.received which contains the Wire Drawdown Request Object. If you are polling for events, this will also be returned in our Events API. The object contains all information you need to approve or ignore the request. Typically, you should ensure the Column bank account owner and the institution making the drawdown request have an agreement in place to accept and process wire drawdowns.

If you decide to honor the drawdown request, you should call our API, Approving a Drawdown Request. Once you approve the drawdown request, Column will automatically create an outgoing wire according to the instructions in the request. You should take care to ensure the Column bank account is adequately funded or has the appropriate overdraft configurations to process the outgoing wire.

If you do not want to honor the request, simply do nothing and ignore the incoming request.

SLAs Around Responding to a Wire Drawdown Request

There are no industry standard SLAs around responding to a wire drawdown request. However, the institution requesting the wire drawdown does typically have expectations around time lapsed between a request and receipt of the corresponding wire.

Notifications and States

A wire drawdown may have the following status received, approved, denied, completed, rejected. If the drawdown request is ignored, the status will remain received. Should a wire drawdown be approved or denied, the status will updbe updated accordingly. Upon approval of a wire drawdown, a wire transfer is automatically created and the wire_transfer_id is provided in the wire drawdown object. Similarly, the wire_drawdown_request_id is provided in the wire transfer object. Should the wire transfer complete successfully, the wire drawdown status will be completed. Should the wire transfer be rejected, the wire drawdown status will be rejected.

The below are the states and events a wire drawdown request may go through.

StageWebhook Event    Description
Receivedwire.incoming_drawdown_request.received        Column has received an incoming wire drawdown request from another ODFI.
Approvedwire.incoming_drawdown_request.approved         The incoming wire drawdown request has been approved, Column will send an outgoing wire.
Deniedwire.incoming_drawdown_request.denied         After the wire drawdown request was approved, the outgoing wire was rejected.