API Documentation

We're not your standard ACH payments platform. Column N.A. is a nationally chartered bank that has built its own core purposefully to expose primitives like ACH directly to developers. Our goal is to get you as close to the metal as possible - realizing sometimes this results in concepts being overly complex. That's an intentional sacrifice right now, and will evolve as we mature. Feel free to reach out with anything that doesn't make sense.

ACH allows you to push (credit) funds to and pull (debit) funds from any bank account in the US. We built and operate our own direct integration with the Federal Reserve to ensure the fastest and most accurate ACH transfers. We expose every Federal Reserve feature to you and take advantage of every settlement window. The following sections provide more detail on our ACH functionality.


ODFI stands for Originating Depository Financial Institution and RDFI stands for Receiving Depository Financial Institution. When you submit an ACH debit or credit to Column, Column serves as the ODFI. When another bank pushes or pulls funds from your Column account, Column serves as the RDFI.