Notifications and States

When you initiate or receive an international wire transfer with Column it goes through multiple state transitions. Column will notify you during each transition. This keeps you updated throughout the process and allows you to track the outcome of that transfer.

Swift GPI will soon be available for insightful international wire tracking!

States and Events

Below are the states an outgoing international wire may move through.

StageWebhook EventDescription
Initiatedswift.outgoing_transfer.initiatedColumn has received your request and will submit it to the Swift network very shortly.
Manual Reviewswift.outgoing_transfer.manual_reviewColumn is manually reviewing your request, and will submit it once it is approved.
Submittedswift.outgoing_transfer.submittedColumn has submitted your request to the Swift network.
Completedswift.outgoing_transfer.completedColumn has settled the funds to the beneficiary bank or correspondent bank.
Returnedswift.outgoing_transfer.returnedYour request has been returned/rejected by the Swift network, correspondent bank, or beneficiary bank.

Below are the states an incoming international wire may move through.

StageWebhook EventDescription
Initiatedswift.incoming_transfer.initiatedColumn has received the incoming transfer message, but not received the funds yet.
Completedswift.incoming_transfer.completedColumn has received the funds for the incoming transfer, and settled it successfully.
Pending Returnswift.incoming_transfer.pending_returnColumn has received your return request for the incoming transfer, but not returned the funds yet.
Returnedswift.incoming_transfer.returnedColumn has successfully returned the funds of the incoming transfer.