Notifications and States

When you issue a check with Column, a check transfer will go through multiple state transitions. We notify you during each transition to keep you updated on clearing and settlement.

Issuing Checks with Column

When you create a check via our Create Check API it flows from initiated to issued. Checks will remain in an issued state until a payee receives and cashes a check. Column receives cashed check details from the Fed and will attempt to debit the payer's account.

If there are insufficient funds in the payer's account, Column will return the check to the payee's bank, or bank of first deposit (BOFD). In most cases, the BOFD will attempt to re-clear the check. If the payer's account was funded, Column will process the check and debit the payer's account. If there are insufficient funds in the payer's account or a stop payment instruction is in place, Column will return the check. At this point, the BOFD cannot re-clear the check.

Stop Payment Instruction

As with recurring ACH debits, customers may create a stop payment instruction. This effectively "cancels" a check before a payee deposits the check. For example, stop payments may be used if the customer provided the wrong amount or recipient.

States and Events

Below are the states and event an issued check may go through.

Stage             Webhook Event         Description
Issued               check.incoming_debit.issued                Column has successfully created the check with a unique check number.        
Settled             check.incoming_debit.settled               The incoming debit has been settled at Column.
Pending First Return    check.incoming_debit.pending_first_return  The incoming debit is pending first return to the BOFD which can happen for a variety of reasons.           
First Returned       check.incoming_debit.returned              The incoming debit has been successfully returned.
Pending Reclear      check.incoming_debit.pending_reclear       The incoming debit is pending reclear.                                                             
Pending Second Returncheck.incoming_debit.pending_second_returnThe incoming debit is pending a second return.                                                     
Second Returned      check.incoming_debit.second_returned       The incoming debit has been returned a second time.                                                
User Initiated Returned check.incoming_debit.user_initiated_returnThe payer has initiated a return.                                                                 
Stopped                 check.incoming_debit.stopped               The payer has issued a stop payment instruction.                                                   
Manual Review           check.incoming_debit.manual_review        The issued check is undergoing a manual review which will be approved or rejected by Column. This can be triggered for a variety of reasons.
Rejected                check.incoming_debit.rejected             The check transfer has been rejected by Column or by the Federal Reserve.