The Federal Reserve provides five daily settlement windows during business days.

ACH Business Days

While Column is open 24/7, 365 days a year, the ACH system at the Federal Reserve is not. They process FedACH transfers Monday-Friday excluding these holidays.

FedWire has its own business hours. See the wire section for specific timing information.

Standard Timing

By default, Column sends ACH requests using standard timing. This means that, regardless of when the ACH is created, it will settle no later than the opening of the following business day.

API Request DeadlineTarget Settlement
7:25am PST5:30am PT - next business day
11:40am PST5:30am PT - next business day
1:40pm PST5:30am PT - next business day
4:55pm PST5:30am PT - next business day
11:10pm PST5:30am PT - next business day

It's possible, but not guaranteed that funds will arrive sooner than the Target Settlement.

Same Day Timing

Column allows you to send ACH transfers same day, provided they are submitted before the last API request deadline (1:40pm PST). ACH transfers submitted after the deadline will automatically be sent with standard timing.

API Request DeadlineTarget Settlement
7:25am PST10am PST - same day
11:40am PST2pm PST - same day
1:40pm PST3pm PST - same day

Creating same day transfers with the API

To send an ACH same day, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. The ACH must be submitted to Column no later than 1:40pm PST.
  2. The ACH must set same_day=true and/or effective_on = today.

*If same_day=false, ACH will be sent with standard timing regardless of effective_date.

Submission Time (PST)*same_dayeffective_dateProcessed as same day?
Before 1:40pmtruenullyes
After 1:40pmtruenullno
Before 1:40pmnulltodayyes
After 1:40pmtruetodayno
Before 1:40pmnullnullno
Before 1:40pmfalsetodayno

*Business days