Notifications and States

When you initiate a wire transfer with Column it goes through multiple state transitions. One of the most powerful features of Column lies in our ability to notify you during each transition. This keeps you updated throughout the process and allows you to track the outcome of that transfer.

States and Events

Generally, wires will flow through several states in rapid succession. For outgoing wires, a wire will move from intiated to pending submission to submitted to completed right away. Below are the states and events that an outgoing wire transfer may go through.

StageWebhook EventDescription
Pending Submissionwire.outgoing_transfer.initiatedColumn will submit your wire to the Fed once it is open (for wires that are submitted between 6:45pm ET and 9:00pm ET).
Submittedwire.outgoing_transfer.submittedColumn has submitted the wire transfer request to the Federal Reserve Bank. Business function code, type code, subtype code, and IMAD will all be set at submission.
Completedwire.outgoing_transfer.completedColumn has received an acknowledgement from the Federal Reserve that this wire transfer request has been processed successfully. OMAD is set a completion.
Rejectedwire.outgoing_transfer.rejectedThe wire transfer request has been rejected by Column or by the Federal Reserve (this event will rarely happen).
Manual Reviewwire.outgoing_transfer.manual_reviewThe wire transfer is undergoing a manual review which will be approved or rejected by Column. This can be triggered for a variety of reasons, such as an unusually high transaction volume or dollar amount.

Below are the states and events that an incoming wire transfer may go through.

StageWebhook Event    Description
Completed   wire.incoming_transfer.completed        Column has received an incoming wire transfer (credit only) from another ODFI, and processed it successfully.

Below are the states and events that a wire drawdown request may go through. See wire drawdowns for more information.

StageWebhook Event    Description
Receivedwire.incoming_drawdown_request.received  Column has received an incoming wire drawdown request from another ODFI.
Approvedwire.incoming_drawdown_request.approved The incoming wire drawdown request has been approved, Column will send an outgoing wire.
Deniedwire.incoming_drawdown_request.denied    After the wire drawdown request was approved, the outgoing wire was rejected.