KYC/KYB Verifications

Column provides flexible KYC/KYB processes for identity verifications. Every entity in your platform must be verified before any bank accounts, loans, or transfers are created for them. We provide the following KYC/KYB processes:

  • basic: This is the default option. Your platform can use our KYC/KYB process to verify identities of your customers. You don't need to worry about compliance issues, manual reviews, etc., as we will take care of them.
  • self_id: This is only available for trusted partners. If your platform already has a KYC/KYB process that meets our compliance requirements, you can use your own. Please contact us if you want to use this process for your platform.
  • fbo: If your platform handles FBO accounts (For-Benefit-Of Account), please contact us for more details if you want to use this process.

Manual Reviewing

If your platform is using our default KYC/KYB process, and we cannot verify the identity of an entity, it will be in MANUAL_REVIEW status. Manual review reasons are available via entity.review_reasons, and entity.verification_tags provides more details about its identity verification process. Possible reasons for manual reviewing includes:

  • address_mismatch: we cannot verify the address of an entity.
  • dob_mismatch: we cannot verify the date of birth of a person entity.
  • ssn_mismatch: we cannot verify the social security number of a person entity.
  • name_mismatch: we cannot verify the name of an entity.
  • fraud_risk: we found fraud risks for an entity. Please refer to entity.verification_tags for more details.
  • fein_mismatch: we cannot verify the FEIN of a business entity.
  • other_review_reason: any other reasons. Please refer to entity.verification_tags for more details.

If you submitted any incorrect information when you created an entity, you can update them via our Entity Update API or Dashboard. It will re-trigger our KYC/KYB process with the updated information. Otherwise, you can submit additional supporting documents to speed up the manual review process.

  1. Upload supporting documents via our Document Upload API.
  2. Submit the uploaded document for manual reviewing via our Entity Document API.

Webhook Events

You will receive webhook events when entities are created, or identity verifcations are updated. Event payloads are Entity Object.

Webhook EventDescription
identity.createdAn entity has been created, awaiting identity verification.
identity.verification.pendingAn entity has been submitted for identity verification, awaiting the result.
identity.verification.manual_reviewAn entity is being manually reviewed by Column.
identity.verification.verifiedAn entity has been verified successfully.
identity.verification.deniedAn entity has been failed for identity verification, and thus denied by Column.